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I am only a few months behind getting a post up, but I wanted to begin this blog with gratitude. I am so, so thankful for where I have been guided so far in this beautiful phase of life, which brings me to the proverbial elephant in the room⁠—I’m only several weeks away from giving birth to my fourth child. In fact, as I type this, my belly is going wild with all sorts of “fun” rolling motions. (Like, have you ever been woken up by an earthquake and you have that sensation of your environment being a part of a universal flash mob of The Wave? Well, that’s what my stomach feels like.)

So, I figured I would kick things off with our announcement video, released back in March. I am SO proud of this little video that Collin put together immediately following an afternoon out with the fam. Sure, it was cold, my hormones were raging, and Caroline, accidentally, got hurt twice… but in the end, we were all in good spirits and pleased with our results. Well, most of us were. Teens, amiright?

As the weeks fly by, we get closer and closer to meeting our newest member of the crew. It’s been a whirlwind and I still can’t quite believe that we’ll have another kid around in just over a month. When you’re so busy with three other kids (all at significant stages of their lives) and work and whatever else, you tend to forget that another huge life change is about to happen. Chalk it up to mom brain if you want to, but the whole thing is just beginning to hit me. Thanks aches, pains, bladder leakage, and constipation. Cheers to the miracle of life! 🍻 And I am so excited to finally get this little project off and running! Thanks to all for everything! 

<3 Laura

Film Credits:
Cinematography: Collin + Jillie 🎥
Photography: Collin + Jillie 📷
Editing: Collin (with Laura’s over-the-shoulder input) 😘
Baby: Collin + Laura 🤰
Song: Mushaboom by Feist 😍😍😍

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