Open to Alchemy Podcast: Empathy & Accessing Your Intuition (09.2021)

My guest Laura Insley of Charging Sky Consciousness shares such a grounding and refreshing look at modern spirituality. From her connection to crystals to her drive to champion the secondhand-first movement, Laura brings such mindfulness and intention to everything she does. In this far-reaching episode we chat about:

  • Honoring your energy
  • Living as an empath
  • Working through being sensitive
  • Conscious parenting
  • Soul contracts with our children
  • Her start to awareness and intuition
  • Discovering the power of crystals
  • Launching a social media based business
  • The minimalism shift
  • Clearing clutter
  • Connecting with the land
  • and so many more topics!

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Spiritual Rebels & Misfits Roundtable: Postpartum Body, Mind, and Spirit (08.28.2020)

“It is said that going from maiden to mother is a spiritual rite of passage. And in our patriarchal culture, it seems that we often don’t give ourselves the space and support to fully step into this experience.

Along with other mother’s joining us at the roundtable, we’ll be exploring the transformation that takes place for a woman who chooses to allow her body to be a portal for a new soul to join us in this life experience.

We’ll look at the body, mind and spirit of that transformation and really dive deep to hear and honor the stories and strength of women.”

Ashley Bradley of the Spiritual Rebels & Misfits Roundtable

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