honor your energy…

I recently posted about how proud of myself I am for posting consistently for the last month or so. As I had always had a messy relationship with consistency, this was a big win for me.

To stay on track, I would normally publish something on the blog today. I had planned on finishing and posting the Part 2 follow-up to my last blog post, but ya know what?

I’m tired.

Maternity leave is over, and I’ve had three full days of work this week (on top of everything else).

All that aside, I was still going to push through to finish the other article. But then I saw a video that my friend posted a few days ago. The caption spoke directly to me. It was about how we need to stop judging ourselves based on consistency. 🤯

In the video, she talked about honoring our energy, instead of working ourselves into a state of burnout. And not only that… we should also follow inspiration in the moment.

So, instead of forcing myself to write about what I thought I should write about, I wrote about this instead. And now I’m going to bed. Goodnight!

<3 Laura

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