it’s time for you to be seen… (pt. one)

There’s something happening right now. Do you feel it?

People are evolving. They’re going through transformations in varying aspects of their lives… and, more importantly, telling others about it.

I’ve been seeing it in bands going on tour, small businesses making brand changes, and people stepping out of their comfort zones.

Pixies, Modest Mouse, and Cat Power Tour Date Poster

Every day, I see another article about a band announcing a new tour dates. Even those who have been out of the game for awhile are going out on the road again. It’s actually almost absurd.

(Sidebar: It would be a lot cooler if more bands came to Boise, but that’s neither here nor there. Grateful for the Pixies and boygenius of it all. Also Counting Crows/Dashboard Confessional (huh??) and Luke Bryan 😀 )

I’ve been seeing so many of my friends transforming their small businesses. They’re relaunching or repositioning their brands with new offerings, new logos, new names, and/or renewed vigor—myself included.

And others are simply doing new things and taking risks.

It was happening so often that I began to wonder what in the holy Universe was going on!?

And the messages I kept getting were all pointing to the same thing…

It’s time for us to be seen.

To be continued…

<3 Laura

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