how to best spend a friday morning…

Last Friday, I woke up early, wrote a bit, and helped get the kids ready for their day. The baby slept in, so I was still nursing him when Collin took the other kiddos to school.

Hunkered down on the couch with the babe, I began my usual social media scroll sesh. Within a few minutes, however, my phone died. LAME.

I decided to turn on the TV and see if there was anything on one of our streaming platforms to pass the time.

Then I saw it…

Beach Cottage Chronicles on HBO Magnolia Network

New episodes of Beach Cottage Chronicles on HBO (Magnolia)!! :::squeeeeeeeeeeeee:::

Aghhh, I love a good home show. But these beach cottages take it to another level. They’re so cool and calming. And of course, now I want one. But honestly, who doesn’t?

So, I proceeded to spend my morning binge-watching available episodes of Beach Cottage Chronicles, and I’m not mad about it.

In fact, I’ll take it a step farther and declare that this show actually adds value to my life. It fills me with peace and inspiration. It’s a cup-filler!

To that end, and getting back to the title of this post… the best way to spend a Friday morning?

Doing whatever you can to feed your heart and soul.

Whether that’s watching a show that makes you happy, reading a book that interests you, or people-watching from a busy coffee shop, it’s for you to decide.

I can’t tell you exactly what it looks like for you, but you’ll know it when you feel it.

Honestly, I didn’t even realize that Beach Cottage Chronicles was more than just a TV show until I started writing this. The truth is that it actually relaxes my body and gives me a sense of hope. What does that for you?

When you find your answer… do more of it. You don’t just owe it to yourself; you deserve it.

Because THAT’S where the pep in your step comes from. THAT’S your springboard for the sweetest swan dive. It’s the thing you need to become excited about life again. It’s the impetus behind your next bold move.

<3 Laura

P.S. Without meaning to, I snuck two Ani Difranco references into that last paragraph. Tell me what they are, and we’ll become best friends! Also, she’s in town this weekend for Treefort Music Fest and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow! 😀

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