being an empath and how to cope

Here I am at a children’s indoor playground, where little kids generally run amuck all over the place (AKA an Empath’s living hell). And it’s in the midst of this energetic chaos that I have the sudden urge to dive into this topic.

Crowd of people.

As an Empath triggered by large crowds, I suppose it’s not surprising that I would pick this moment to write about how to cope with empathic abilities.

Since Empaths easily (and most of the time, without control) absorb the energy of the people and spaces around them, they often find it difficult to distinguish their own feelings from those of others. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes debilitating.

Since the pandemic, a spotlight has been shown upon the importance of mental health and, as a result, the stigma of seeking help is slowly dissipating. Now, armed with the permission of society, many people are seeing themselves for the first time. They are finally paying attention to their minds and bodies, and learning how each reacts under pressure and when faced with extraordinary difficulties. Self-awareness is growing.

Specifically, I’ve noticed that more people are realizing they are Empaths. While some are relieved to finally put a name to their struggle, they don’t quite know how to cope with it.

And when an Empath is unable to control how much and whose energy they take on, a number of resulting issues may occur:

  • Feeling anxious or uncomfortable for no reason
  • Experiencing physical reactions (e.g., stomach aches, headaches, etc.)
  • Having an inability to focus
  • Showing extreme emotion easily (e.g., crying if someone asks you a question, having a short temper with a loved one, etc.)
  • Withdrawing (e.g., canceling plans, retreating to safe space, etc.)
  • Shutting down (e.g., ignoring the people around you, giving short answers to questions, etc.)
  • Acting awkwardly in social situations
  • Being afraid to speak/perform in front of an audience
  • Feeling separate or different from everyone else (i.e., as if you’re “not normal”)

It’s also common for these issues to be amplified when around “energy vampires.” Energy vampires are individuals who drain you of your own energy more quickly and deeply than others. Empaths may find it hard to be around these people for long periods of time, with the sudden urge to retreat surfacing when the Empath has reached their breaking point.

how to manage your empath abilities

Prompted by a reader’s request for advice on ways to manage the “side effects” of being an Empath, I wanted to share various coping methods that I’ve personally experienced and found beneficial.

At the core of these management tools, the goal is to consciously strengthen an Empath’s sense of self and release any outside energy that has become absorbed. By becoming one with the earth and going within to cultivate self-awareness, Empaths remain in control of their own emotions, physical body, and mental state, and will be able to better differentiate their energy from someone else’s.

Please note: As individuals, we all experience things differently, and therefore we react to things differently. Thus, not all coping methods work for every Empath.

Beach. Footprints in sand.

Start with the one that you are most drawn to, but feel free to try other methods to see if one works better than another:

  • Hot shower/bath with Epsom salt: When I would start to feel a little “out of control,” a hot shower would be my go-to for regaining my center. The warmth of the water would envelop my body, providing comfort and calm. If you’re more of a bath person, soaking in warm water with Epsom salt is said to help reduce stress by allowing your muscles to relax. Many Empaths have physical reactions to the outside energy they absorb, so this method will help release any additional tension that’s not meant for the body.
  • Barefoot on dirt/earth: Grounding yourself is so, so, so important for Empaths. Oftentimes, Empaths feel weak or unable to stand up for themselves in the face of intimidating or intense energy vampires. Grounding is a way for the Empath to feel stability, immediately rooted into the earth. Do this by going outside and walking (preferably barefoot) on dirt or grass. You can also follow a meditative method of grounding that I outlined in “the power of intention (pt. three).
  • Beach/water: The beach can be a magical place for an Empath. Not only does it combine water with earth for grounding, but it also offers the hypnotic sound of the ocean. The simple ebb and flow of the tides can be enough to create peace within the body.
  • Meditation: In addition to the meditative grounding that I mentioned earlier, a more traditional meditation session can also deeply benefit an Empath. While it might take some practice, meditation can be an effective way to silence any outside noise or intrusive energy. You can focus on taking the negativity and sending it back into the earth to become positive energy. Once you’ve released all that isn’t yours, you’ll be able to function from a calm and confident place.
  • Crystals/stones: Every stone has unique metaphysical properties that can assist us with manifesting our various intentions. Empaths can use crystals to support themselves in management of their abilities. They can use the darker stones for assistance with grounding, protection, and to transmute negative energy into positive energy (e.g., Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, etc.). There are other stones that help with the emotional stability and balancing (e.g., Peach Moonstone, Honey Calcite, etc.). An Empath could use Selenite for clearing negative energy from the environment, their body, and other stones (it is also self-cleansing!). It is always a good idea to have Clear Quartz around, as well. This stone can be programmed with any intention you choose.

Additionally, spiritual healer Pat Longo, came up with a technique called Surround, Ground, and Shield. I have found this method to work very well for me. It is broken up into three steps that I will briefly describe below.


Preferably done at the start of your day, follow these instructions:

  1. Surround: Surround your entire body in God’s protective white light.
  2. Ground: Use the meditative grounding method mentioned in this article.
  3. Shield: Imagine putting an armor-like metal vest on. It covers your heart and solar plexus chakras (these are the chakras most affected in Empaths), and nothing can penetrate it, much less someone’s shitty energy. 🙂

I hope this helps some of you along your journey as you grow into your Empath abilities!

If you have any questions regarding anything I’ve mentioned above, please please please feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to assist. 🙂

<3 Laura

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