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I’ve started a number of posts this week, but trashed them all halfway through. They couldn’t accurately capture what I’ve been feeling or experiencing lately, so I didn’t see the point in finishing them.

Sometimes, it’s okay to stop. It’s okay to cut your losses and quit wasting your time.

Likewise, it’s okay to detach. They say you shouldn’t be too attached to the outcome of an event or the destination of a journey, anyway.

And in certain circumstances, it’s the only way to survive.

But there’s something really sad and heartbreaking about being in this disconnected space. You feel empty and aimless.

It’s all temporary, of course. And in the meantime, you just have to hold your breath and keep moving. Your direction may or may not be forward yet, but any step is still a step.

So anyway, I decided to take more stuff off of my plate. I’ve decided to NOT reopen my Etsy shop, hence its disappearance from the website and deactivation of its Instagram account. Though, my writing profile will still be active.

I’ve also decided to step back from Facebook because I don’t really want it.

I’m stretched pretty thin, so I’m just going to take some time to sit and stare for awhile. Then see where I end up.

<3 Laura

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