change up your energy…

Feeling off lately? Yeah, me too.

And it’s really weird because I felt so “in the flow” last week. Then the weekend hit and BAM—off.

I think a change up in energy is in order!

I’m always hoping that someone out there can take nuggets from these posts to help them in their own lives, but I have to admit that deciding to write about this today is also a little reminder to myself.

So… let’s do this together!

While there are countless ways to change up your energy, I have found that two things in particular make a huge impact in a short amount of time.

get rid of stuff

The environment in which you live is a heavy influence on how you feel. I’m sure you’ve heard it before…

Your home should be a sanctuary. It should be a place where you feel most comfortable and can retreat from the chaos of the outside world.

No one wants to come home to a place that causes stress.

This is why I always start with changing the energy flow in my home.

Donating physical objects that are holding stagnant energy and would be of better use to someone else will make a BIG difference.

You not only see the change happening right in front of you—as something that was once “in the way” has now given you back space—but you also feel the relief physically in your body.

Now, you don’t have to go crazy getting rid of ALL of your stuff (unless you want to). But try letting go of one thing. You know… that piece of furniture in the corner with no practical use other than collecting dust, or that stack of mail on the kitchen island that you walk by day after day.

Just. do. it.

The first step is always the hardest, but once you take it, the next step will be easier.

And then all of a sudden, you’ll be back in control of your space and create the flow that is most in alignment with how you want to feel.

daily gratitude

Are you sick of me talking about gratitude yet?

I’m telling you that it truly is magic. And it’s easy AF.

When you stop taking the little wins for granted (like a roof over your head, or even just waking up), and start seeing them as these big miracles, your energy (read that as your life) will change.

I like to think of this practice as a daily gratitude review. I mentally go through my day and name all of the things that deserve an expression of thanks.

If you decide to add gratitude to your morning routine, you can take a look at the day before, or what you’re looking forward to, instead.

I personally do mine at night in my head just before drifting off to sleep, but it started as a journaling exercise every morning before work.

It’s up to you as to how you want to implement a daily gratitude practice, but what’s important is doing it consistently—eventually turning it into a habit.

I would suggest starting with 3-5 things. Write them down or find a quiet few minutes to mentally run through your list.

Remember: Your list is YOUR list. Anything that makes you happy can be on it (as long as it’s not wishing harm on others, obviously. Always come from kindness.).

Sending you all positivity and comfort, and be sure to give yourself grace as you work through this time. 

<3 Laura

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