fun with numbers…

Do you have a favorite or lucky number? Or keep seeing the same ones everywhere you go?

Ever wonder if there’s a significance to them beyond their face value?

Certain numbers definitely have a special place in my heart and hold deeper meanings for me.

Shall we go on a little numerical journey together?

lucky numbers

My first favorite, or lucky, number was 13 (and still is one of them). This is because my birthday is on the 13th of February. Pretty ironclad reasoning, I know. And when you’re of elementary school age and declare loyalty to something important, such as a number or a president (i.e., Lincoln OBVS because his name begins with an “L” like Laura AND his birthday is the day before mine—BONUS.), it’s for life.

My second favorite number was 33 (and still is one of them). This is because of The Smashing Pumpkins, as are most things after age 12 for me.

While these “choices” all made a certain kid-logic sense, I can’t help but wonder if my affinity for these numbers held a deeper meaning that had not yet been revealed.

Truth be told, I’m beginning to make a new connection to 13 (perhaps I’ll update on this as it develops).

And it was at age 33 when my journey with minimalism began. Which really changed everything. 🤔


angel numbers

When I used to see 11:11, I’d make a wish. Anyone else?

But as I mentioned in my last installment of “the power of intention,” making a statement like “I wish for this or that” only affirms the perceived lack in one’s life. This also goes for “I want…” and “I need…”

What I’ve come to learn about these repeating numbers, though, is that they are a wink from our angels. Hence the commonly used name for them: angel numbers.

And they don’t just stop at 11:11 or 1:11; these can be any series of repeating numbers (e.g., 222, 333, 1212, 44, etc.).

Sometimes, if I keep seeing the same repeated numbers again and again, I’ll take to the Google machine and see what specific message they might hold. Believe it or not, there are many websites that offer such information!

I often see them on license plates and on receipts. But no matter where they pop up, I know that they are signs from my angels letting me know that I am fully supported and everything will be alright; I can release my worry.

Just today, interestingly enough, I had a particularly difficult afternoon. So difficult, in fact, that I just had to let myself cry it out. At one point during my drive home, through tear-filled eyes, my attention was drawn to the license plate number in front of me—it had a 55 in it. Then, to my left, I noticed an oncoming car with an 88 on its plate.

Right there, I noted the support. I was grateful.

But as if it wasn’t enough, the Harry Styles’ song, “Late Night Talking,” had begun playing on the radio, and the lyrics, which I had heard dozens of times really spoke to me in that moment: “if you’re feelin’ down, I just wanna make you happier, baby.” They took on a divine message in that moment and their healing energy was sung right into my heart and my head. I instantly felt better.

universal meanings of numbers

As some of you know, I recently announced that I’m pregnant again! HUZZAH!

The baby is due in December… This will be my third December baby. PLUS it’s a month full of many of my other family members’ birthdays, significant anniversaries, AND the holidays.

To be honest, I love that two of my kids have birthdays around the holidays. It makes that time of year even more special.

Obviously, it can be financially draining and a smidge more stressful, but it also makes things easier in some ways—like only having to think about presents once a year, and the kids get excited for double the gifts.

How perfect, though… the 12 of it all—December being the 12th month of the year.

All of my kids have 12s and 7s somewhere in their birthdays. If not in the month, the day, or the year, then it’s in the time of birth (nice job, O!). That’s 4/4 so far.

But will the pattern continue with this new babe?

Biblically, the number 12 symbolizes God’s power. It is considered a perfect number and often signifies completeness. The number 7 is tied to the beginning of creation.

Spiritually, 12 is associated with enlightenment and spiritual growth, while 7 represents inner strength, intuition, and is said to symbolize the bridge between this world and the angelic realm.

Sound legit to me.

Prior to learning about my latest pregnancy, roses had been following me around. Wild roses are known for producing 5 petals, so the number is synonymous with the fragrant flower. This will be my 5th born child. Coincidence? [Never.]

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. I’m 38 years old, pregnant with my last (for reals this time) baby, which is the same age that my mom was when she had her last baby—me.

And the interesting tidbit that gets me the most…

19 years ago, I was 19. And 19 years ago, I was in the same condition as I am now—a baby on the way, due in December. I am following the same journey (give or take several awakenings) month to month as I did back then. And in December, I will celebrate my first baby’s 19th birthday just before welcoming my last baby.

Until a moment ago, I never looked up the spiritual meaning of the number 19. And so, it is mind blowing (but also not) to learn that 19 represents the alpha and omega—the beginning and the end.

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck Sun Card

I also just learned that in Tarot, the 19th card is The Sun. My oldest has recently moved close to Phoenix, Arizona, which is known as the Valley of the Sun.

When we first visited the area, I was hit left and right with references to the “sun.” And at that time, the sun was a big synchronistic symbol for me. I felt at home in Phoenix (even though I had never been there before) and all of these signs felt like warm, welcoming hugs.

Kramer Mind Blown

And to bring it all full circle… after boarding my most recent flight to Phoenix and settling into my seat, I decided to rest my eyes for a few minutes. Before take-off, I opened my eyes and looked out the window. Staring right back at me? The sign for Gate 19.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Do you pay attention to numbers or have other signs or synchronicities pop up all the time? What deeper meaning do they hold for you?

<3 Laura

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