plot twist…

Over the last several weeks, my family has been preparing for big changes.

Three weeks ago, we moved one kid into college dorms out of state.

Two weeks ago, we took one to her first day of kindergarten, while her brother began his last year of junior high.

Next week, one will make his first foray into preschool.

And in about 16ish weeks…

Plot twist.

(Yep, that’s right.)

We will be welcoming a new bundle of joy to the fam!

Are we crazy? Oh, most definitely.

When we first found out, my reaction was a cross between “I thought so” and “… but huh?”

And Collin’s reaction was more of a “well… okay then!”

As for the rest of the kids… they all asked some form of “are you kidding?” and expressed varying levels of enthusiasm—which all tracks.

While we weren’t even entertaining the thought of adding to our family, we’re actually excited for the adventure and all of the learning opportunities that a new kiddo will bring.

<3 Laura

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