good one, universe…

So, I just got a message from the Universe to practice what I preach.

You know how I know?

Because I spent hours writing a blog post. And then rewriting it. And then finding the right song to accompany it. And while looking for a photo to add…




Well, that’s not entirely true. Wherever the draft was seven hours prior to this moment had been saved. But believe me when I say that the seven-hours-ago draft is completely different than what I had when I finished it.

My stomach, jaw, and heart dropped simultaneously.

You ever have that happen?

All that hard work… just disappear?

(I know you have.)

But I’d be pretty remiss if I didn’t take this BIG PILE OF lemons and make some lemonade, right?

This Is Fine.

So, let’s go back to the questions I told you all to ask yourselves in times like these

  1. Is there any value to my pout-pout face?

:::looks down at the ground and kicks invisible dirt:::


  1. Can I extract any positives from this situation?

:::takes a deep breath:::


  1. What are the positives?

Well, for one, this is an irritating and frustrating reminder to CONSTANTLY SAVE my work! :::hits Save Draft:::

And it’s a good lesson in protecting my time and energy by not hemming and hawing for so long over finding “the right words.” (I recall spending a lot of time googling synonyms and definitions, when, in reality, perfection doesn’t exist.)

Since I did struggle a bit with the post, this situation gives me the opportunity to do it over again differently. :::hits Save Draft:::

And it’s humbling…

When something like this happens to a writer, it has the direct result of forcing the ego out of the writing completely—which is how it should be anyway.

Finally, my last positive is that I got a blog post out of it anyway. Plus I was given the opportunity to practice shifting my mindset almost as soon as the disappointment hit.

So, uh… thanks, Universe. Always a pleasure!

<3 Laura :::hits Save Draft:::

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