a sorta fairytale…

I read something recently about how fairies are changing our timelines here in this reality in order to save human lives and the planet because we have proven that we can’t save ourselves.

Sounds legit to me.

Tori Amos shot for Rolling Stone by David LaChapelle.
Tori Amos shot for Rolling Stone by David LaChapelle.

I’ve always believed in fairies (thanks in no small part to Tori Amos).

But specifically the ideas that (1) time is shifty and (2) that humans are incapable of saving themselves… that tracks.

Have you ever experienced déjà vu? A coincidence? A glitch in the matrix?


Back in May (maybe April), the fam and I had a bit of an interesting experience. We were on our way to the kiddos’ last soccer practice of the season. When we arrived, the park was empty (save for a couple older soccer teams playing at the field). No littles or recognizable coaches to be seen anywhere.

My husband and I looked down at the clock in the car and our watches multiple times. But we were where we were supposed to be… at the right place… at the right time.

I checked my email to see if somehow I missed a cancellation… nope.

At that point, there was nothing else to do, but find somewhere else to spend our time.

But seriously, it was weird.

I decided to email the soccer school because I was upset that they would either cancel a session or move it to another location without telling us! We drove almost a half hour to get there (PLUS I needed to pick up the soccer shirt that I paid for!).

The organization’s manager was quick to respond, letting me know that they didn’t cancel the session, nor did they change the location.


She, in fact, assured me that all classes were in session as scheduled and in the same locations as always. She knew this for certain because she was also there.

………………uh, what?


When we drove away from the empty field that day, I was still pretty sure that somehow we screwed up. Or the soccer org screwed up. Or something else reasonably screwy.

But when the manager insisted that there WERE people on that field…

It basically meant that my family’s eyes were broken…



Let’s just say—for argument’s sake—that the fairies decided to shift our timeline that day…

My next question would be “why?”

Why was it necessary for us to miss soccer practice? Why did we need to keep driving?

Or was it a fairy flex?

Like, “Hey fam, just letting you know that we’re here and can do this cool shit! Hit us up if you ever need to get out of a commitment!”

We may never know.

What do you think?

<3 Laura

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