i guess i couldn’t shut up…

This past Mother’s Day, I wrote a Facebook post expressing my perspective on motherhood. With the current state of affairs, I think it bears repeating.

Here’s what I shared on May 8, 2022:

Being a mother is a choice. Whether you CHOOSE to give birth to, adopt, rescue, take in, support, show up for, stand up for, take care of, nurse, shelter, love that human, animal, plant, or whatever it may be. This whole life is about choices. And we, each one of us, should be able to decide what we are able to give of ourselves in any given moment or circumstance. So, Happy Mother’s Day to those who were ready and those who were not and those who were given a choice and those who were not and those who have lost, and are in jeopardy of losing, the opportunity to choose. Today (and every day), I choose to stand up for you, for myself, and my daughters.

On this day, I made a donation to Planned Parenthood. The organization means a lot to me personally and continues to support the wellbeing of individuals who may not have access to healthcare otherwise.

One person who left a comment said,

I used it as a broke college student when I had no health insurance when I wasn’t at college. We also drove hours to SLC from college to get access because our small college health center didn’t provide access to birth control without you paying crazy high rates. 

Another friend of mine agreed,

Yes even as an adult with no insurance, PP helped me get the women health[care] I needed. It’s so much more than just abortions. It’s healthcare!!

Without access to healthcare (again, this isn’t just about abortions) or the very basic right to make our own decisions about our healthcare, all I see is a shockwave of TRAUMA.


This message is coming in loud and clear. The word has been flashing in my mind ever since the decision came down yesterday. And as we know, the impact will stretch far beyond healthcare to other basic rights of human beings.

Not only are the ripple effects of this decision going to cause many young people to be put through unimaginable (and unnecessary) pain and trauma, but it is going to stir up the trauma of those that have already been put through similar situations—the ones who had to hide, who had to sacrifice, who had to work SO HARD to be SEEN, to be HEARD, and to be ACCEPTED.

And believe it or not, the trauma of our ancestors is also reverberating throughout the Universe. They’re pissed because we (the royal We) are fucking up!

Seriously, this shit is crazy.

(I didn’t really mean to keep typing after reposting my Mother’s Day post, but here we are. Sometimes we have to let the messages flow through us and out to others.)

And now we’ve come to the point in this post where there’s a call to action.

I also want to thank and stress the need for TEACHERS. What this world needs right now is AN EDUCATION. And not just from one book.

I know teachers have always had the shit end of the stick and have had an especially rough time in recent years.

You’ve been beaten down and tossed aside, and worse: been pushed to the point of resignation.

But here’s the deal: YOU ARE SO NEEDED. If it is your gift… if it is your purpose… if you feel called to teach (in any capacity), then please don’t give up. You’re necessary to this time and place in history.

<3 Laura

I think it’s worth mentioning that the above truly started out as a straight repost of my FB mom’s day message. But in what I can only call “an urge” to let y’all know what I’m getting from the Universe (some may call it a stream of consciousness or a form of channeling), I had to get it out—as word-vomity as it was.

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  1. Thanks, Laura. I am also making a donation to Planned Parenthood. I am devastated but will use this as motivation to work to overturn the overturn and secure healthcare to all women.

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