at the end of the day…

Today was hard. Challenging. So was yesterday. And the last several weeks.

And even though I cursed a lot, shook my fist at the sky, and sent the “ugh” GIF with that chick from The Bachelor to whoever I spoke with today, I am not going to sleep defeated.

It was me.

I looked at myself in the mirror tonight and saw a smile. To be honest, I was confused at first. There were so many frustrating moments throughout the day. All I wanted to do was sit and cry.

And I let myself do that a couple times.

But I realized, looking in that mirror, that a lot of good things happened today, too. And it’s because I made them happen.

When I wanted to sleep longer, I got out of bed with enough time to stretch and journal. When the internet went out, I packaged open Etsy orders. When I remembered in a panic about a meeting I forgot to put on my calendar, (I freaked out, but then) I pulled it together and kept the commitment.

And truly, the list goes on. I am so grateful for these difficult times because there’s always ALWAYS something to be learned. There’s always a takeaway. And there’s always something to be done about it.

Good night, loves.

<3 Laura

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