it’s okay if you suck at multitasking.

Hello! It’s been awhile, eh? Want to know why I’ve been away? You don’t? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway—I suck at multitasking.

When I was younger, I thought that the ability to multitask was the most important character trait someone could have. Every job posting that I read had “Must be able to multitask” on its qualifications list, so of course I would write in my cover letter, “I am an excellent multitasker.” What’s worse is that I actually thought I was an excellent multitasker.

I did tons of things simultaneously! I’ve washed the dishes while listening to an audiobook with one earbud in and the other out so that I could hear if one kid woke up from a nap while keeping an eye on the other kid (who happens to be making a mess at the table), and there was also a load of laundry in the washer and leftovers-turned-lunch being slowly eaten at the kitchen island. SEE??? #skillz

What I finally realized several years ago, however, is that just because you CAN multitask doesn’t mean you SHOULD, nor does it mean you’re GOOD at it! Unfortunately, at that time, I still thought that it was super important, so I began to lie about it.

Oh, me? Of cooooouuurrrrse… I’m a FANTASTIC multitasker!

But then I started to feel crappy about it, so I made the difficult decision to let go. I let go of the stupid self-imposed expectation that I had to be good multitasker in order for others to respect me. And let’s be real: when you’re doing 50 million things at the same time, you’re probably falling short somewhere, right? It’s near impossible to be acing every task if your attention is scattered across numerous things.

So, here I am, a shitty multitasker, telling you that IT’S OKAY to not have the bandwidth! It’s totally fine (and probably preferred) to focus on one thing at a time. Choose one thing and give it your all.

If you have multiple responsibilities and can’t only choose one thing, then at the very least, give yourself some grace. You deserve it!

But I digress.

The reason I started typing here today was to update you on all the shazz that’s been going on in the last six months that has kept me away from writing.

As some of you already know, I started making jewelry. And as some others of you know, making jewelry takes up A LOT of time. I created a business out of it back in November called Charging Sky Crystals, which is still going strong.

Creating something, like a business or project, is so fascinating to me. There is so much trial and error involved in navigating a new space. It’s not always fun; sometimes, it’s downright painful. But at a certain point in this process, we begin to see our hard work pay off. It’s almost like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, only, it’s not the end of something—it’s the evolution to something better.

I’m currently witnessing the evolution of my business and loving the new path it’s taking. I’m not ready to divulge all of what’s happening right now, but it will all come to fruition in divine timing. In the meantime, I’ve created a landing page for Charging Sky Crystals on this site in an effort to house everything in one spot. (Because #simplify). The page touches on my business’s “why” and links to the Etsy shop (check it out for pretty, healing things) and the Instagram account (check this out for pictures of pretty, healing things).

Speaking of evolving, the No Answers Here website will also see a slight shift. I’ll be posting on a more regular basis with a variety of new content, including short form articles, educational pieces on crystals, and whatever else crops into the old brain. In fact, I’ll have a new article dropping SUNDAY, May 2, 2021. #mannysaywhat?! (that’s for all you This Is Us fans!) Stay tuned! (Update: The May 2 article dropped on May 3 instead. 🙃 Read “how to cleanse crystals” now!)

<3 Laura

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